Training & Workshops

Mental health workshops for workplaces

Our 60-90 minute workshops are perfect for groups of up to 16 people. You can either book a whole workshop, or have a few of your employees join one of our scheduled upcoming sessions.

Mental health awareness for all

Improving awareness and interest in mental health issues is fundamental to our mission. This workshop provides a great general grounding in mental health at work, and begins to explore how we can all begin to improve things for ourselves and each other.

Learning outcomes

  1. Gain a foundational understanding of mental health, including common conditions and challenges
  2. Learn to recognise signs of mental health issues in yourself and others
  3. Understand the importance of reducing stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace
  4. Discover resources for support and improving communication around mental health

Stress management techniques

Stress is really common in the workplace, but also outside of it. This workshop will help your people better recognise and deal with the sources and the symptoms of stress. Not just for themselves, but for their teams and colleagues too.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand and recognise the sources of workplace stress
  2. Learn practical stress management techniques to help you in and out of work
  3. Develop a personalised stress management
  4. Foster a supportive environment for managing stress with your colleagues

Building a respectful workplace

In this workshop, we explore the impact of disrespectful behaviour on our mental health and how developing a respectful culture is vital for good mental health at work. We’ll talk about harassment and bullying, and help managers and colleagues to better deal with those difficult situations.

Learning outcomes

  1. Recognise the signs of workplace bullying and harassment
  2. Explore the importance of creating a culture of respect and inclusivity
  3. Learn specific strategies to prevent and address workplace bullying confidently
  4. Develop action plans for promoting a respectful workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace

We’ve all heard how mindfulness can help in our lives, but what about at work? We know mindfulness practice boosts overall wellbeing, as well as productivity and employee satisfaction. This workshop helps your people incorporate mindfulness into their working day.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explore and learn the concept of mindfulness and benefits in the workplace
  2. Learn and practice easy mindfulness and meditation techniques
  3. Explore ways to introduce mindfulness into your daily work routines
  4. Discover resources for ongoing mindfulness practice and support

Navigating grief in the workplace

Grief is a tricky subject for many people, especially when dealing with colleagues and team members. In this workshop, we’ll facilitate open discussions about grief, helping to reduce stigma and improve communication about how to deal with our own grief, and how to support each other.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand and recognise the impact of grief on mental health and workplace performance
  2. Learn strategies for supporting colleagues experiencing grief
  3. Explore how to manage personal grief in a professional setting
  4. Discuss grief and loss, helping to reduce stigma and foster support among colleagues

Building resilience in the workplace

Mental resilience is an incredibly valuable skill to learn, and something we all need when dealing with the stresses and anxieties of work life. This workshop helps individuals build their own resilience, and managers to help build resilience in their team members.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the concept of resilience and its importance in the workplace
  2. Learn the strategies for developing personal and team resilience
  3. Explore ways to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to change
  4. Encourage a culture of learning, growth, and team support to help build resilience at work

Preventing and addressing burnout

Burnout is usually a sign of unaddressed mental health issues, so recognising the signs early is the absolute best approach to reduce the impact it has. This workshop helps individuals and managers recognise, prevent and treat burnout in themselves and their teams.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn to recognise the signs of burnout in yourself and your colleagues
  2. Understand the impact of burnout on mental health and workplace productivity
  3. Learn practical strategies for preventing burnout, including stress management and self-care techniques
  4. Discover resources for creating a supportive workplace culture that actively addresses and prevents burnout

Building confidence & overcoming imposter syndrome

Feeling like a fraud, self-doubt, and a fear of being exposed as less competent than others believe is a surprisingly universal belief that’s not talked about enough. This workshop explores imposter syndrome, and how to build confidence for improved mental health.

Learning outcomes

  1. Recognise the signs and impact of imposter syndrome on mental health and performance at work
  2. Explore how imposter syndrome develops and its prevalence
  3. Learn practical strategies to overcome imposter syndrome and build confidence
  4. Discover resources for ongoing self-reflection, mentorship, and skill development for building confidence

Navigating menopause in the workplace

This workshop addresses the need for awareness around the physical and mental health impacts of menopause, helping to improve manager & team member communication, and overall awareness and empathy of menopause issues.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the physical and mental health impacts of menopause
  2. Recognise the challenges menopausal people may face in the workplace
  3. Learn how to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for those going through menopause
  4. Learn practical stress management techniques to help you in and out of work
  5. Discover resources and tools for individuals and managers to navigate menopause related issues with empathy and understanding

Need something more bespoke?

If you’re looking for something specific for your business, we can put together bespoke workshops on a huge range of mental health topics.

In addition to the above, we can diver deeper on any topic, and explore specific situations. Just get in touch and we can go from there.