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Suicide First Aid Training

This course will teach participants develop a deeper understanding of suicide risk factors, warning signs, and effective strategies for intervention.

What is this course about?

This course is an online interactive and instructor-led session providing a comprehensive understanding of suicide risk assessment, communication strategies and immediate intervention techniques.

Through real-life scenarios, participants apply their new knowledge in practical situations.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will receive certification in suicide first aid.

There is ongoing support once the course has ended. There is a range of resources and materials available to reinforce and apply the skills learned. We also provide support networks to discuss what you have learned with your peers.

Stay informed about legal obligations and compliance related to mental health in the workplace, minimising the risk of legal issues.

Learning outcomes

The course focuses on essential skills to provide immediate assistance and support to individuals at risk of suicide, potentially saving lives. 

You will also learn;

  • Confidence in dealing with suicide-related crisis, fostering a sense of empowerment to make a positive impact within your community
  • How to assess and recognise factors contributing to suicide risk, allowing for early intervention and support
  • Effective communication skills to engage with individuals in crisis and make it easier to have conversations about suicide
  • Combating stigma and discrimination
  • Suicide prevention – Intervention – Postvention
  • The Stigma Around Suicide, Support for Suicide Bereavement, and Unveiling the Hidden Toll®
  • Understanding thoughts and actions related to suicide
  • Intention of behaviour Versus Outcome of behaviour®
  • Exploring potential triggers for suicidal thoughts
  • The Power of Listening: “I’m really glad you told me”® – Enhanced with Audiovisuals.
  • Supporting individuals contemplating suicide and developing coping strategies

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who deals with people and their emotions. Here is a list of who we can train but the list isn’t exhaustive:

  • HR Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Employees
  • Mental Health Professional: Ideal for mental health professionals, counsellors, and therapists seeking specialised training to address and manager suicide risk
  • First Responders: Critical for first responders, including paramedics, police, and firefighters, who may encounter individuals in crisis situations
  • Educators, school staff, and administrators to identify and respond to students at risk of suicide
  • Community Leaders: Beneficial for community leaders, social workers, and individuals in community-based roles to contribute to suicide prevention efforts

Just a handful of the positive feedback we’ve had…

“We are now much better prepared to navigate these tricky but important conversations, and have already been able to use our new skills to support a team member who was struggling with suicidal thoughts.”

“Emma made this course very engaging and impactful. Emma is calm and supportive and I feel that the skills, knowledge and confidence that I have gained have been invaluable to take forward in my personal and personal life”

“Fantastic space. We all got along really well and I think that was because Emma was s o lovely and calm and welcoming and patient”

”Emma was really great at delivering the course and communicating”

”Emma was a brilliant trainer, handled so many sensitive topics incredibly and was really inspiring”

”Emma has such an engaging way at explaining things. She is very sensitive to how others may perceive and feel about what they have seen and heard.”

”The course was well delivered, Emma gave great explanations which were clear. Good opportunities to explore learning. Thoroughly recommend the course and Emma as the instructor”

Course details

Suicide First Aid
One day, 9am to 5pm
Online over Zoom
Suitable for up to 16 people per cohort
Suitable for all staff

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