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MHFA Refresher

Keep your knowledge up to date with the MHFA England Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course. Recommended every three years.

What is this course about?

A MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) refresher training course is designed to update and renew the skills of individuals who have previously completed a Mental Health First Aid training. We teach the best practices in mental health support, reinforcing the knowledge on how to offer help to someone experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

It ensures that Mental Health First Aiders keep their skills up to date, with a focus on practical strategies for providing support and understanding new developments in mental health care.

The four-hour course gives you the chance to:  

  • Renew skills previously learnt in Mental Health First Aid training
  • Update your knowledge of mental health support
  • Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

Who is this course for?

Just like physical first aid, MHFAiders® should attend a Refresher course every three years. 

Just a handful of the positive feedback we’ve had…

”Really great course. Emma was knowledgable and patient. Really appreciate doing the course”

”Great content and very well facilitated”

”Really informative and useful information gained”

”A good course, with a very knowledgable instructor who communicates well”

”The course was ran at a pace where there was sufficient time to take in the information provided. We were made to feel at ease and encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas”

”Emma was very supportive and informative. The course covered a whole range of topics and was very helpful in refreshing my knowledge. I found it very interested and as always the time goes too quickly”

Course details

MHFA Refresher Course
1/2 a day
Online over Zoom
Suitable for up to 16 people per cohort
For those who have taken the Mental Health First Aider Course

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