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Mental Health Training for Managers

The best managers support and empower their team so we created this course to equip managers with the skills necessary to lead effectively and develop the confidence to talk openly about mental health.

What is this course about?

This course provides Managers, HR Professionals and Team Members a comprehensive understanding of mental health issues and mental health first aid techniques.

Through real-life scenarios, participants apply their new knowledge in practical situations.

There is ongoing support once the course has ended. There is a range of resources and materials available to reinforce and apply the skills learned. We also provide support networks to discuss what you have learned with your peers.

Stay informed about legal obligations and compliance related to mental health in the workplace, minimising the risk of legal issues.

Learning outcomes

Participants learn how to listen without judgement, reassure, respond and guide a person to professional help.

Participants gain an understanding of how to support positive wellbeing and tackle mental health stigma with confidence.

It is also a great opportunity for them to look within themselves and check they are ok, and gain skills to look after their own wellbeing too.

  • Identify individuals who may be experiencing mental health issues
  • Feel confident having conversations about mental health and struggles with team members
  • Encourage and appropriately advise on further support for those who may need it
  • Practice good self-care which in turn encourages others to do the same

Who is this course for?

This course is for managers and team leaders looking to improve their ‘people skills’ and aspiring managers.
We can tailor courses for specific teams or departments so your organisation runs smoothly and as one.

Just a handful of the positive feedback we’ve had…

“Our managers are now equipped with practical tools and knowledge to better support our employees with their mental health. Emma delivered the material in an engaging and interesting way.”

”Just want to say a big thank you to Emma. The course was incredibly clear and I felt it was a really safe space to discuss these issues.”

”I have really enjoyed the course, the materials were very thorough and Emma's delivery was fantastic. So informative and helpful. I really enjoyed everything about it. Wish it was longer!”

”Thank you very much for this course. It has helped me a lot to learn more about myself.”

”Excellent course, well presented by Emma. I feel sure that what I have learned will be of benefit to myself and others, both in the workplace and in my personal life”

”It was a really insightful and interesting course which I have been able to take a lot from. Emma was an amazing course leader”

”Emma was amazing! Very knowledgable, clear and concise. Overall, really pleased with how the course went and I've already recommended it to others”

Course details

Mental Health Training for Managers
One day, 9am to 5pm
Online over Zoom
Suitable for up to 16 people per cohort
Suitable for Managers and Team Leaders

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