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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

The way we perceive and communicate with the world does not always produce the outcome we want.

We may want to feel happier, more content or be more positive, but sometimes something gets lost in translation and often we end up more unhappy and experiencing low mood, anxiety and stress.

We all know people who seem naturally more positive, more gregarious and seem to radiate success and often we are envious of that.

So how can we find ways of emulating them, their attitudes and behaviour?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a way of taking all of our thoughts, language and patterns of behaviors learned through experience and changing them subtly to bring about a specific result.

Practitioners believe that everyone’s perception of the world is different; it may be distorted or limited in some way, but it is what we have learned through our own experiences.

This may have a negative effect on our behaviour, thoughts and actions.

Through NLP, coaches can help people to understand their thinking and behaviour to the point where they can develop skills and new strategies to replace the least helpful or productive ones.

It has been used successfully through the years to help people work through a whole range of conditions, such as anxiety, phobias, panic, stress, low mood and lack of sleep.

I believe that NLP helped me move on from my redundancy and start my business back in 2020. When I realised I needed support, I was able to use the tools provided through NLP to have a better understanding of myself and what I wanted for my future. It also helped me with my personal relationships.

I have personally seen the benefits of NLP and I now use the technique to help my clients to get unstuck and move forward confidently with what they want, whether it’s in a relationship or their career.

Like any kind of support, you need to be ready to invest in yourself and do the work so it’s important to feel like you want something to change.

NLP can have a long-lasting impact on our mental health and wellbeing, giving us the tools we need to help ourselves whatever life throws at us.

It helps us to defeat those self-limiting beliefs and mindsets of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness.

Ultimately, it can be hugely transformational and liberating, improving all areas of our lives.

If you think NLP might help you, get in touch and see what The Mental Health People can offer.

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